Band Promotions!
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The band promo page!

If you know any bands, please put a review on this page by emailing me at

Thankyou x


Do any of you remember Violent Delight?  A four piece band from London who were quite popular in Newcastle with their hit "I wish I was a girl!"

The band lost their record deal with warner bros and the band all went their seperate ways. Rodney and Ken (singer and drummer) have said their farewells to VD and are saying their hellos to their new band Suzy Hope!

Suzy Hope is a five piece band who hope to soon get signed and make it big.  They have the new punk sound to them a lot like "My Chemical Romance" and they have many catchy songs to show for all their hard work already since the tragic break up of VD.  Fingers crossed they will arrange a UK tour and come up to Newcastle (I've heard they're trying), please join their messege board and give your support!