The Building Plans
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What is happening to The Green?


The building work is more than half complete on the west side of the green, they've demolished and built over that side of the balcony and built about 2 - 3 metres into the grass area.  They have appeared to put the construction work of the North balcony on hold until the west side is finished.  Once both sides are complete, the road will be closed off and the bus stops will be moved to make room for Eldon Square's new lobby.  These bus stops may be getting moved to Prudhoe Street with the rest of the bus stops from under Eldon square (accross from The Goose) also for extention of Eldon square.  We are not yet sure if the road will still be there once the construction work is complete, though we can safely say that the East of the green is protected by the government and cannot be changed or altered in any way (where the path is).

On the 28th of this month, it will be exactly 1 year since the building work began.



IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE! Although this site believes that construction over the green would commence in 2006 after collecting feedback on council proposals from October, we can announce that building work has started TODAY, 28/10/2005! Needless to say... we aren't happy.


Newcastle City Council and Eldon Square Shopping Centre are planning on building over many areas of Eldon Square, not only the green, but the Green Market and many entrances and exits around the shopping centre. The council wish to have the new Newcastle complete in Autumn 2009 after beginning construction work from 2006 giving people just enough time to move their businesses to different locations for when they begin constructing the new lobby where The Green Market stands now.

The plans will be presented at an exhibition in October by diagrams and models.  They will be welcoming feedback from the public after this presentation when the plans will be displayed from then on in the Centre Management Offices.  Everything possible will be done to leave most of the green area at it's original self, though we will unfortunately be losing the balcony.

New lights will be added to brighten the green up and buildings will be coated in glass to make them look more attractive.  Building work will begin somewhere else one the alterations next to Haymarket bus station have been completed, though where they will build next has not yet been confermed.

The road outside of the green will be removed so that Eldon Square can be extended forward, which means that buses will no longer be dropping off and picking up from outside the green which will be an inconvenience to some.  If anyone gets the bus from the underground station between Haymarket and The Green, it's getting demolished and moved to Prudhoe Street to extend Eldon Square in 2007.

an interview with a member of the council coming soon.


The building plan

Yellow - Staying the same.

Pink - New buildings / extentions

Grey - Listed (protected) buildings