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The Nightlife Of The Green

Late night on The Green


  The Green Nightlife!

The green nightlife began as spending late crazy nights on the green in mid winter and enjoying a choice of the 2 nightclubs Rock @ The Arena and Cuba Cuba.  Once the arena stopped their rock nights, Legends introduced itself to the scene and Cuba Cuba became Krash.  The 2 clubs were seperated to different crowds, Death metal and heavy Punk was kept to Krash as classic rock, metal and emo were kept to Legends (and light punk on the lower floor) on a Friday and Saturday, Legends also do Emo/Cheese nights on Mondays.

 Exploring the town a little more recently, discovered that Krash is now The Venue who specialise in Emo music and now we have the Carling Academy on Friday nights who play a mixture of rock music, though none of it sounded familiar to me and they have indie nights on Saturdays.  It's all catered for in Newcastle!