What is The Green?
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What is "The Green"?

The Green is located in the centre of Newcastle, very close to the big city centre monument at the top of Grainger street.  The Green is surrounded by Eldon Square buildings, there are 4 entrances into Eldon Square from the green.  It is less than one minute to walk to the green from Monument Metro Station.  This is the most popular hang out place in the North East for goths, punks, skaters, teeny greenies and anyone who just likes rock music.

The Green's real name is "Old Eldon Square" or "Eldon Square Garden." This is where young people with the same interests have been meeting up for years.  It started with skaters which concerned the council about the damage their skateboards could do which is when they took the benches and flowers away and fenced off the memorial.  Goths started moving in, followed by punks who were dressed in leather and black make-up. Over the past 5 years a lot of them started leaving, others wouldn't dress the way they used to because chavs began fighting them off because of what they wear.  Every Saturday over 500 people still attend the green to see their close friends, share interests with new people and listen to all kinds of rock and punk music talking about the last gig they went to see.

The Green is a place for people being social, making friends and having fun.  Many people make new friends here and many of them have been going to the green for years.  There are hundreds of stories to tell about the green as everyone has one.  Some people are driven away by gossip and being back stabbed by the people they thought they could trust, others are stronger and stay put no matter what, just ignoring what they hear.


If you're new;

Random - Popular word, everyone uses it.

Teeny greeny - Kids between 8 & 16 who are looked at as "wonnabes."

Elder - Over the age of 20 and has attended the green for more than 5 years.

Note; Most people on the green will make up a strange name for themselves, this is your "Green Name." Here's some examples of people on the green; Spandex, Sparkles, Sparky, Spike, Buffy, Willow, Avril, Kitten, Pinky, Camel, etc...

Random article

I have interviewed Daniel who is new to the green after moving to Newcastle from West Yorkshire, many of you might know him already.

When did you begin coming to the green?

Well I can't remember the exact day, but it was about 2 weeks ago.  I'd moved up from Bradford in West Yorkshire because of work, and still didn't really know Newcastle that well.  I just came out of boots and there was all the grass.

What was your first impression?

First impressions were, "Oh. that's a lot of goths."  I was always into the goth scene when I was in my teens, so the place had a definate pull on me.  I just saw loads of people relaxing, having fun, so i sat down and had a smoke until someone thought to talk to me, which wasn't long.

Do you see yourself still coming here in a year from now?

Definately. If the people continue being as pleasent as they are now.  Sometimes, people aren't at all what they seem at first, but I've not had any problems.  So, be it a year or ten years time, chilling out where everyone talks to everyone will always be fun.

What do you think of the people at the green?

Hmm. Lot of them are certainly strange characters... but I mean that in a good way. What is normal eh? I think the difference between people at the green and everyhere else is that here, most people know that individuality is the spice of life.

What information would be useful to you about the green?

I'd like to see pictures of the most usual visitors with their names and a breif  explanation, so long as they're willing to have that. I hear it's in the works though. This place never sleeps.

What would you like to see change about the green?

Two things, first is, it seems the green is like home to many people, so it should be treated that way. Too much litter. If people would just use the bins it would show more respect. Second, I understand people can't help it, maybe they should cool it with the "anyone got a quid?" Some people want to say no but they feel too guilty to do anything about it.

What is the most interesting story you've heard about the green?

Hah. Not that it was ever true, but apparently there's a special graveyard for some suicidal pigeons. Or maybe that guy just likes to have a laugh. I think the latter. Gotta love people at the green.

Who have you met so far?

You, little Spike, Jenny, Joyce, Sniper, Bryani, Sarah, Callum, the list goes on. It's that sort of place. You'll meet far more people than you'll ever be able to put names to... and that's what makes it such fun!!!

A more recent interview

Interview with Kurt from the green
When did you start going to the green?
not too sure but about like june ish
Describe the atmosphere
everybodys realy friendly
unlike park lane in sunderland, everybody gets on with everybody and doesent discriminate people
the green is way better than park lane
Amongst the green there are thousands of stories to tell, could you tell me one of your most interesting experiences?
probs meeting new people every time i go
who said you can have too many friends?
Have you ever had any bother from the chavs that hang round there for the sake of a fight? Or know anyone who's had bother?
well an ex gf of mine saw one of my friends being jumped
i havent had any bother but ive heard storys about chavers starting fights
they should be banned from the green
a huge sign saying NO CHAVERS!!
Would you agree that they wouldn't be there so much if they couldn't play ball games?
thats probs one of the reasons
but ive seen steadman and friends kick a ball about
if they want to play football
they should go play in the park near st james
forgoton what its called now
but yeh ball games should be banned
Do you feel personally affected by the building work?
well ive only been going a few months to the green but in a way. if they get rid of the green, where will us goths go?
where will we hang
we want to be away from the chavers and most of the emos
but in a way yeh tis canny sad there building on it
They will only be altering the buildings around it, we don't yet know if we will still be allowed on the green, where do you think the crowd is likely to move?
hmmn probs the park near st james
forgoten what its called now
or probs the monument
What is your peresonal grudge against emos?
well tbh some are realy nice people
its just the ones who cry and slit there wrists for attention
and most are realy annoying
plus they have crap music taste
some of them you just realy feel like " I want to punch his face in soooo bad"
cos they just cry and think the world hates them
but ive spoke to some emos and there realy nice people
Could be worse, they don't cause bother to anyone... you could be surrounded by chavs who start on people for no reason. Wouldn't you rarther have emos in your crowd?
yeh emos
cos some music is cool like MCR
and some emos are nice
you get more nice emos than nice chavers
but ide rahter be surrounded by emos
Who do you know from the green?
hmmn lets see
cassy T
laura B
hannah B
uncle kev
phew i could be hear all day
Do you have your own green nickname?
in a way i have 2
its hard to choose out of poison or kurt
best let you choose that
or the rest
ether one suits me
Last question... what would you class yourself as?
myself lol
: but if i had to lable myself it would be out of metalhead/grunger or goth
i don't follow any fashon rules
ok, thakyou very much
no problem

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