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The Green... so much happens, so many people, so much gossip. I've always said there could be a soap based on the place if there wasn't so many people, so many lives to fit in! 

 So 3 years ago I made a website instead, The Official Green Website!  So now everyone can know what's happening and share interests through a website as well as on the green itself.  If you havn't been to the green for a while and would like to catch up, here's the place!

  There are also musical interests to lose yourself in on this site like interviews with bands who have visited Newcastle on tour, reviews and web addresses.  If you are a local band we will happily place a gig date, advert and a review on this site. If you are a regular on the green, you may see a photo of yourself or one of your friends!


If anyone has some front page news or any other news, ie; births, deaths, engagements, general announcements (no gossip please), please Email me;

We are looking for loads of ideas to be sent in like competitions, questionairs, anything you can think of! All suggestions are welcome!

Check out the new videos page! 'Random people' has also been massively updated!





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